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Event Productıon

We excel at creating custom packages for our clients in Istanbul and across the globe based on the specifications of their event. With the full-production package, you will receive the exact lighting, staging, video and audio services you need, as well as all personel for set up, event operation and teardown.

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Event Consultatıon

Are you looking for answers while designing your event ? We are here as Pinknoise with 30 years of experience. Show industry does not accept mistakes and we know all the problems that may arise.

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Audıo Productıon

With 30 years in the business, we know a thing or two about audio production. Crisp, clear sound is expected at any event, but it’s not a given if you’re using the wrong technology. Our talented sound engineers are the best of the best and they ensure you avoid such pitfalls and deliver each note perfectly.

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Lıghtıng & LED Productıon

Event lighting and LED walling is a critical component of any show, and we can provide you smooth and beautiful ministration. For any type of event, in any kind of venue, the experts at Pinknoise guarantee that your event will be illuminated beautifully.

Stagıng / Truss Desıgnıng

Staging and safety go hand-in-hand. We’re dedicated to providing the safest staging solutions while also meeting your expectations. So, if you’ve got a wild idea to put a car on stage (or something of the sort), we’ll find a way to make it happen. The art of rigging and truss is met with the danger of hoisting thousands of pounds above a large audience. At Pinknoise, safety is our number one concern, and we do not make mistakes.

Acoustıc Consultıng

Pinknoise is adept at measuring, analyzing, predicting, and engineering all components of architectural acoustic design. We design environments acoustically to enhance commercial and cultural life and to minimise the unwanted effects of noise and vibration. With our England based partner firm Westend Acoustics, we can provide all your requests related to acoustic design.

Lıve Recordıng & Post

Understanding how a live event comes together or how a tour operates is essential to seamlessly slotting into an event to get the best result with a no hassle experience. With our Avid Power User engineers we can record your live shows without any mistakes and we can mix&master them in our studios for you.

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About Us

Who we are? What we do?
In our industry, the only certainty is that there are no certainties.

We don’t just pride ourselves on our work, but our employees as well. We have a team full of different personalities, specialties and experiences. What we all share though is a passion for the industry and a passion for our clients. Together we are Pinknoise and we’re the leader in technical event production services throughout Turkey. Focusing the senses is accomplished through the magic of theater. Be it a dramatic play, a concert, a business meeting, a product presentation or any other application, the purpose of the production is to focus the participants attention and to accentuate the subject of the event. Our passion is creating that magic through the use of technology. In our industry, the only certainty is that there are no certainties. Responding to changes in real-time with innovative fixes is what sets us apart. Each member of our team helps to make this happen by bringing their own strengths and passions to the table.

Our Team

Team that designs exciting events for you.

Serkan PAYIM

General Manager / Sound Engineer

Erim Arkman

Production Manager / Sound Engineer


Production / Sound Engineer

Turgay Poyraz YIKILMAZ

Production / Sound Engineer

Engin Oğuz

Production / Sound Engineer

Aytekin Gürçay

Production / Sound Engineer

Erdal Ermiş

Production / Sound Engineer


Production / Sound Engineer

Dr. Kıvanç Kitapçı

Architecture / Acoustical Engineer

Sezer Zaman

Production / Stage Designer


Production / Sound Technician

Uğur Uzman

Production / Sound Technician

Emre Vural

Production / Sound Technician

Bülent Zoroğlu

Production / Sound Technician

Engin Yaldız

Production / Sound Technician

Adem Kurt

Production / Sound Technician

Serkan Ertunç

Production / Sound Technician


Production / Sound Technician

Kaan Battal

Project Director

Onur Soğukpınar

Production / System Engineer

Eyüp Karataş

Production / Lighting Designer

Feti Kayatuzu

Technical Production

Mustafa Gündoğan

Technical Production

İbrahim Kandemir

Production / Wysiwyg – Stage Designer

Gökhan Suna

Production / Sound Engineer

Ulaş Koşaner

Production / Sound Engineer

Aytaç Tocan

Production / Sound Engineer

Murat Bulut

Production / Audio Engineer

Gökhan Karkış


Mehmet Öğünç

Production / Sound Engineer

Hünkar M. Çalışkan

Production / Sound Engineer

Ruslan Shahmuradov

Pinknoise AZ


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